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One of the people I trust for the truth is author and patient advocate Teri Robert. You can find her work at MyMigraineConnection.com, HelpForHeadaches.com, and in her book Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches. She’s also started a new blog, from Teri’s Keyboard.

Now, here’s someone who goes the extra step for us. One of her readers asked about a “Migraine Relief Guide” being sold at www.TheMigraineRelief.com. I would have said that Elizabeth Hayden, the owner of the site, was making promises that were just too big and to stay away from it. Teri, on the other hand, didn’t do that. She decided to check it out for herself. When I asked her why, she said, “With my work, I don’t feel that I can just state my opinion based on my reaction to a site. I feel that I have to have some kind of proof to back what I say.” OK, fair enough.

Anyway, Teri paid $37 to buy their downloadable “Migraine Relief Guide.” She reports that it’s 65 pages of material that contained nothing new to her. Nothing that was of any help to her. She points out that Hayden’s web site selling the “Guide” contains this section about her guarantee:

Teri reports that she has now requested a refund, TWICE. Helloooooo? Elizabeth Hayden! What about your promise? Your guarantee? Gotta tell ya, lady. This makes you look just like any other snake oil salesman.

But, back to this so-called “Migraine Relief Guide.” $37 for a 65-page downloadable book?! How absurd it that?

Tell you what. I’m going to say something Teri won’t say: If you want to buy a book, go to Amazon.com and buy a copy of Teri’s book, Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches. It’s 336 pages of great information — already printed!

I really hope Teri gets her money back. It shouldn’t cost her hard-earned dollars to debunk things for us, but I’m grateful that she’s out there looking out for us. Thanks, Teri!

Arabella ♥

PS: I went to the site and found an email address for these people. I’m going to email them about giving Teri her refund. The email address is support@themigrainerelief.com.

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Bella-logoI’ve never paid a lot of attention to Bella Online, but some of their articles about Migraines and headaches have been showing up on Google, so I took a look today. It grieves me to say that I was very disappointed. Yes, it truly does grieve me. We so desperately need two things:

  1. More sites about Migraine disease and headaches.
  2. For the sites that exist to be accurate AND well written.

It’s the second point, of course, that makes Bella’s Headaches / Migraines Site so very disappointing. Let’s take a look…

Is the site accurate? No:

  • On the page where editor Healther L. Robertson lists headache types, she lists Eye Strain Headaches and Sugar Headaches. Under types of Migraines, she lists Eye Migraines, Menstrual Migraine Headaches, and Nocturnal Migraines. Yeah, right. I guess Ms. Robertson hasn’t heard of the International Headache Society’s International Classification of Headache Disorders. The second edition of that document (ICHD-II) is the gold standard for classifying headache disorders, and she’s talking about diagnoses that don’t exist there. My impression? Amateur hour.
  • She discusses “Basilar Migraines, also known as Bickerstaff Syndrome.” She’s a couple of iterations behind on the name of this form of Migraine. For many years, it was called Basilar Artery Migraine, and it’s been called Basilar Type Migraine for many years now.
  • She lists “Cheese, wine and some common food additives like nitrates found in processed meats” as potential triggers for Basilar Type Migraines. What about all the other potential triggers?  All in all, her research on this article seems to have been very limited and perhaps flawed. Or did she research it at all?
  • Ms Robertson calls her list of potential Migraine triggers overwheliming when it’s not even very thorough.

Is the site well written? No:

  • The first sentence of Robertson’s Headache Basics article begins, “Allot of people suffer from headaches…” UGH. It should have read, “A lot of people suffer from headaches…” I could go on with the weaknesses in her writing, but it really isn’t worth the time.

Will I be returning to Bella? No. Not I. After looking at their Headaches / Migraines site, I won’t even bother to look at any of the others.

Disappointing. Very disappointing.


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