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imitrex-smallThere are articles / blog writings that are wrong and annoying, and then there are those that are potentially harmful. I’ve come across one at healthylivingrx.org that falls into the latter category.

The title of this article is Looking  At Imitrex As Migraine Prevention Medication. Now, the author of this travesty, Cristina, isn’t  talking about a special circumstance where Imitrex might be used for prevention; she is under the mistaken impression that Imitrex actually IS a preventive medication. She says…

Unlike many other migraine prevention medications that doctors and neurologists prescribe, Imitrex has always been a migraine medication. You can get it in three forms, as a pill, injectable needles or as a nasal spray…

See what I mean?

Cristina is also way behind in other areas of her knowledge and research. This article is dated November 9, 2009. At the end, she says, “A generic version is supposed to come out in December, 2008.”

Is this woman one fry short of a happy meal or what? She’s writing about the past as if it were the future. Duh. Yeah. The generic has been out for some time now. And guess what? It’s STILL NOT a preventive medication!

‘Nuff said. The woman is an idiot. The owner of the site is an idiot for publishing the article or allowing it to be published.

This article is potentially harmful. In my eyes, that makes the entire site potentially harmful. Who knows what other information there may be as inaccurate as this article or even more inaccurate?

For Cristina, or anyone else who is confused about the different types of medications for Migraine, I recommend this article by writer and patient advocate Teri Robert, Preventive, Abortive, and Rescue Medications – What’s the Difference?


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