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When it comes to Migraine truth, nobody tells it better than patient advocate Teri Robert. On her blog at www.PuttingOurHeadsTogether.com, she’s started a new series that I absolutely love – Migraine Pearls or Onions?

She started this feature in late January, and it’s quickly become one I watch for. Here are her “Pearls” and “Onions” so far:

Go, Teri!

‘Nuff said.


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See the woman to the left? That’s how I felt when I read the title above, the title of an article I came across today. Seriously?!

This article is on a site that calls itself “Migraines & Headaches Health Center.” Again, Seriously?!

There is one good thing about the title -we already know the article is most likely going to be worthless.

Before I proceed, I need to make a confession. I’m out of patience with all the misunderstandings, misconceptions, and outright lies that abound about Migraines on the internet. That means that I’m not in the mood to be even marginally nice and polite about this article. So, I’m just going to come right out and say this — The article sucks, and the person who wrote it is an idiot.

Allow me to quote bits of the article and comment on those bits, please:

The main symptoms of migraines are a pulsating headache accompanied by nausea and diarrhea.

Wrong. This person couldn’t have done any research. Neck pain, vomiting and photophobia are experienced more frequently than diarrhea.

The article then discusses triggers a bit, a section not really very accurate either, then comes the closing paragraph:

Once the person identifies the root of the problem and avoids those situations most people have had reduced migraines and there are positive results. Avoiding certain foods, excess alcohol consumption, intake of caffeine and any such foods that bring on migraines helps a lot. Know what causes your migraines and avoid it and you will be able to live almost without them in future.

Seriously?! Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that simple? There are many, many triggers that cannot be avoided. I’m sure you already know that, but obviously, the idiot who write the article either doesn’t know or just doesn’t care.

Even with the best trigger identification and management, there are millions and millions of use who will NOT “be able to live almost without them in the future.”

Ordinarily, I’d give you the link to the article, but this time, I’m not going to. The coward who write the article has “closed” comments, so we can’t even give him or her any feedback. Some people look to see how many times their articles are read, and typically, when articles are read many times, those who wrote them thing that means the article is good. Since I won’t feed into that kind of thinking on this one, no link.

Please, please, pretty please, if you want to write articles about Migraines, do your research so your articles are accurate. Articles such as this one are no help whatsoever.


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There’s a site that I’ve been watching in horror for a while now. It’s called “Migraine Symptoms Guide,” and is described as “Information on migraine causes, symptoms and treatments.”

One of the articles on it is “What is an Ocular Migraine?” I think we’ve covered before that the term “ocular Migraine” is used fairly commonly around the Internet, BUT when you see it, you’ll never know just by seeing the term what people are talking about. You see, it’s one of those “types of Migraines” that uninformed people talk about, but it’s not an “official” form of Migraine. For the sake of clarity, the gold standard for diagnosing and classifying the various headache disorders, including Migraine, is the International Headache Society’s International Classification of Headache Disorders, Second Edition (ICHD=II).

I held off on writing about this particular article because Teri Robert had posted a couple of comments, and I wanted to see what the response might be. The first time she commented, Teri explained about the classification system and pointed out another error in their article. They had stated that “there is no treatment for these Migraines. The author posted a reply thanking Teri for the clarification and saying, “We have updated the article accordingly. Indeed, they had NOT. All they had done was add a couple of sentences about preventive treatment, preventive treatment without any research to support it at that.

Teri patiently posted a second comment that not only said that they’d missed her main point about “ocular Migraine,” but went so far as to give them a listing of the types of Migraine outlined in the ICHD-II. As I write this, their article remains unchanged.

Enter Teri’s colleague at MyMigraineConnection.com, Nancy Bonk. On Wednesday, Nancy wrote a fantastic post, “Ocular Migraine” – Not, and Why Not. Nancy wrote quite clearly and unequivocally that there really is no such thing as “ocular Migraine” and why using the term is such a bad idea. Yours truly went to the Migraine Symptoms Guide site/blog and posted a comment with a link to Nancy’s blog post.

Now, here’s the kicker! I just read the comments posted to Nancy’s blog. There’s one from the person who wrote the ocular Migraine article! Because of Nancy’s post, she’s “totally reworking the article.” Yes! Good job, Nancy!!

There is, however, something a bit sad about her comment to Nancy. It’s sad that she didn’t heed the TWO comments Teri left her. It’s sad that she totally ignored those, and she only felt moved to do something after I posted the link to Nancy’s blog post.  Was it ego that made her ignore Teri’s comments? Is it such ignorance of the leaders in the field that she didn’t recognize Teri? Whatever the reason was, it’s sad that this article is still online. I can’t tell when it was first written, only that the first comment on it was posted on January 16. If Scarlett, who wrote the article, were genuinely concerned about its inaccuracies, she’d take it down until it was reworked and corrected. AND, if she’s serious about wanting it to be accurate, she’ll do better research this time. Oh, Scarlett, maybe you should try talking to Teri OR reading her book.

Now, I’ve spent a good bit of time talking about ONE article on Migraine Symptoms Guide. When you go to the main page of the site/blog now, you find the article, “Different Types of Migraine.” I wish I could say that article is better, but it’s not. It lists more types of Migraine that aren’t accurate diagnostic terms:

  • Exertion Migraine: That’s not a type of Migraine. Exertion can trigger ANY form of Migraine.
  • Ophthalmoplegic Migraines: Nope. Check the ICHD-II. It’s not there.
  • Basilar Artery Migraine: Has been called Basilar -Type Migraine for 10 years or so now, and the description is inaccurate.
  • Abdominal Migraine: Description is wrong. Says, “This is the only kind of Migraine that doesn’t involve pain in the head.” Absolutely wrong. You can have lots of different types of Migraine without the headache. When that happens, the DESCRIPTIVE term is “acephalgic” or “silent.”

If the people who write this site/blog were docs, we might call them “quacks.” I don’t think they are, so let’s just say they’re pathetically misinformed and don’t know good research from well… I won’t go there.


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Greetings, dear readers!

Today, I get to report what I consider to be yet another “cure” scam without doing much work. Over on MyMigraineConnection.com, Teri Robert is reporting on “No More Migraine,” yet another cure e-book, from SufferingFromMigraine.com.

It seems that John Benak claims that taking a certain brand of a certain vitamin complex has cured his Migraines. It also seems that he’s so all-knowing that he says it’s safe for everyone, including children. It also seems that he feels that being down on his luck and out of a job entitles him to scam people. What a creep!

But, rather than go into more detail here, I’ll send you to the truth as written by Ms. Robert. Please take a look at her review of “No More Migraine.”


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WhyI want to remind everyone reading this of   *WHY* I wrote about Squidoo on a blog called Migraine Truth, the purpose of which is, at least in part, to expose sites, products and services that are not in the best interests of the truth about Migraines.

There are entirely too many “lenses” on Squidoo that exist partly, primarily, or solely to sell products such as the Migraine Relief Guide. When I was rating lenses, I was focusing on those that were affiliates selling that “guide,” so I’m going to use it as a prime example of the spam lenses on Squidoo.

From having read it myself and from this review, I know without a doubt that it contains:

  • information that is out-of-date
  • information that is incorrect
  • NO information that can’t be found elsewhere for far fewer $$ or even free

From reading it myself, from that review, and from other bloggers, I also know:

  • The same $37 that is charged for the Migraine Relief Guide could be spent in a book store or on Amazon.com to buy two or three excellent Migraine books that would be FAR superior.
  • Although sites for the Migraine Relief Guide have sections written or appearing to be written by Elizabeth Hayden, she no longer owns and sells the “book.” It is now owned by someone else.

Anyway, enough time spent on Squidoo. I’ve said what needed to be said about in regards to Migraine truths. I’ve passed information along to you, and that’s what’s important. The people at Squidoo couldn’t care less about a few people, and nothing I could ever say would change that.

Tomorrow will find me writing about something else related to the truth about Migraine disease, and that’s as it should be.

Arabella ♥

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StopSign200Thanks to a Google alert, I came across yet another blog  / site where they need to either do better research or keep their advice and opinions to themselves.

HealthyLivingRX is a site built with WordPress, the same blogging software I use for this blog. WordPress is great because it allows to you build an entire web site with their easy-to-use interface. It’s just a shame that some people have discovered this.

The specific article I found is titled Ocular Migraine Treatment: Is it Really Necessary? Yeah, here we go again with the “ocular Migraine” bit. Doctors who know what they’re doing generally use the International Headache Society’s International Classification of Headache Disorders, 2nd Edition (ICHD-II), to assign diagnoses to Migraine and other headache disorders. This makes a lot of sense because it keeps everyone on the same page. In the ICHD-II, there is no diagnosis “ocular Migraine.” Sure, we see it in many places online, and some doctors use the term. The problem is that the doctors and sites who use the term don’t use it to mean the same thing. Thus, my first problem with this article is that the information is inaccurate and not helpful to Migraineurs who really need an accurate diagnosis.

I have an even bigger problem with this statement in the article:

“Ocular migraines can be disturbing to experience, but they are generally not harmfull.”

Aside from the fact that they misspelled “harmful,” this statement COULD BE harmful. New research is showing that Migraine might be a progressive disease. It’s showing that some Migraineurs develop lesions on their brains, and we don’t know yet what problems those lesions might cause. Experts in the field advise preventing as many Migraines as possible AND stop the Migraines we do get as soon as possible. So, this statement pretty much tells people it’s ok to NOT treat these Migraines, and that might be quite unsafe.

Please remember that these people are NOT qualified to give us medical advice. In the case of this site, I can’t even say that I’d read it at all again. I simply do not trust it. It’s really a shame there’s no way to get such nonnsee removed from the Internet.

Don’t believe everything you read. Be safe!

Arabella ♥

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AboutWe NEED more good Migraine sites. So, I’ve kept hoping that the About.com site for Migraine and headaches would get better. But, it hasn’t, which is especially sad considering that it used to be THE best. Over the last couple of years, however, it has gone downhill…

  • For a rather long period of time, perhaps two years, there was no “guide” for the site. Nobody keeping it running, adding anything new, blogging, reporting news in the field, sending newsletters, etc.
  • Their forum, as the rest of the site, used to be THE best. No longer. There seems to be no moderation. Nobody is there to help members find good information. Spammers and scammers run amok. This is actually quite irresponsible. Migraineurs are often so desperate for relief that they’ll try pretty much anything. That leaves them very vulnerable to these spammers and scammers.
  • Some of their articles leave me shaking my head. For example, from their newsletter today, All About Basilar-Type Headache. Now, come on! They’re not Basilar-Type Headaches; they’re Basilar-Type MIGRAINES! When you look at the sources for this article, you see “Migraine,” not headache.  This article isn’t written by the “guide,” Dr. Foley. It appears to be some kind of licensed article. This is what it says at the bottom of the article: “LifeWire, a part of The New York Times Company, provides original and syndicated online lifestyle content. Betsy Lee-Frye is an independent journalist living in Kansas City, Mo. Her work has appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications and the St. Joseph News-Press.
  • Interestingly enough, when you click on one of the related searches, “basilar headaches,” the results that come up are articles containing conflicting information:

Rolling EyesWell, I suppose I could continue, but it seems pretty pointless.  It’s just disheartening to see what was once one of our very best resources now failing so badly.


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