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Roberta posted a comment on my post, Dr. Seymour Diamond Comments on Sultaneh’s Migraine “Cure,” asking why I won’t publish comments that Sultaneh submits to my blog. Since there may be others who have the same question, I’ll answer it here.

Dear Roberta,

If Sultaneh submitted comments that were constructive and polite, I’d publish them to my blog. His posts though are usually rants about how he was wronged, spam with links to promote his “cure,” or quite nasty comments about other people. His comments about other people go beyond nasty. Some of them are defamatory and potentially libelous.  Therefore, I refuse to publish his comments because that gives him another platform to continue his malicious and unproductive behavior. Earlier today, he posted a comment calling me a “liar.” Why would I publish such a comment. Why would any blogger? Not only that, he attempts to post comment after comment. He’s posted three so far today.

No, since Sultaneh seems to be incapable of being polite, his comments will not be posted on my blog.


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If you’ve read many Migraine blogs or participated in some of the online Migraine forums, you’re bound to have heard of Dr. Ali Sultaneh. Sultaneh is a Syrian surgeon who has been claiming to be able to permanently cure Migraines with a surgical technique he developed.

Sadly, Sultaneh is probably better known for his vitriolic rhetoric than any contribution to Migraine research and treatment. He has been repeatedly asked to leave forum not only for spamming, but also for his vicious and defamatory attacks on people who dare disagree with him. He’s also become well known for complaining that other doctors have “stolen” his surgical technique, a technique that he didn’t bother to patent.

Interestingly, while doing a Google search for Migraine surgery, I came across a 2002 article about Sultaneh and his procedure on WebMD. For the article, reporter Salynn Boyles talked with both Sultaneh and Dr. Seymour Diamond, Founder of the Diamond Headache Center in Chicago. Now retired, Dr. Diamond is well knows for his expert treatment of headache disorders including Migraine, research, and authoring many research papers and books in the field of headache disorders. In the article, Diamond is quoted as saying:

We have learned in recent years that migraines occur in the deep blood vessels that surround the brain and within the brain, not on the superficial scalp arteries that [Sultaneh] is talking about. This dubious surgical approach just doesn’t match what we know happens with these headaches.

Sultaneh has written me several times, mostly to defame health care professionals and lay experts in the field. I admit to having been more than a bit sarcastic about him. It’s hard not to when rather than doing something useful, he has been whining, griping, and lashing out at people who have done nothing to him.

Still, I seriously find myself feeling sorry for him. I think we all hope that, at the end of our lives, we’ll have accomplished something, left behind something that’s of significance. Unless Sultaneh stops making defamatory and libelous comments about others and gets back to the business of practicing medicine, his legacy is likely to be of no significance at all. It’s truly sad.


Source: Boyles, Salynn. “Experimental Surgery Being Used to Treat Migraines.” WebMD. March 19, 2002.

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thanksgiving200How about a change of pace from my usual posts about Migraine information or misinformation?

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, and I think we could all use a break from all of this. So, about Thanksgiving. This year, I’m thankful for many things:

  • My wonderful family and friends.
  • The progress I’ve made in managing my Migraines this year.
  • The internet for all the information that’s available to us.
  • You! I’m very grateful for the way this blog has bee received, for all of you who read it, and for all of you who comment.

What are you thankful for this year? Migraines can make it really hard to remember to be grateful for anything, but I think that’s all the more reason to give it some serious thought.

So, I toast you all as Thanksgiving approaches! May your day be blessed, full, and joyful; and may you be as Migraine free as possible.

Gobble, gobble!

Pilgrim Girl

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migrainetruth21I realize that on the 21st, I said I wasn’t going to write my Part II about Glenn Stewart Coles. But after reading an exchange between Coles and a Migraineur about his comments about Migraine blogger Megan Oltman, I’ve changed my mind.

To Leloo Minai, Coles said in the comments section of his blog:

Yes, I recognize that my approach has created barriers rather than broadening perspectives. Leeloo, thank you for your wisdom and comments. I shall try harder.

I will also publicly state that I recognize both Teri Roberts and Megan Oltman as compassionate educated people who make great efforts to help those with migraines deal with a difficult condition…

Sounds good, does it not? At first blush, yes; but when you read more you’ll spot some problems if you’ve read much of what he’s written on his blog and in comments on other blogs.

You see, this is not the first time Coles has apologized or promised to try harder. I don’t know how you view an apology, but to me, an apology carries with it an implicit statement that the person will not repeat the offending behavior. If you continue reading his reply to Minai on his “Mind Games” blog post, you’ll see that he goes from “I shall try harder” right into another attack on Teri Robert, leading writer and patient advocate in the field of Migraines and headaches.

He says he knows that he doesn’t know it all. If that’s so, why does he feel qualified to attack others?

In October, Coles wrote a blog entry titled “Fear and Deception.” In it, he quite viciously attacked both Teri Robert and Diana Lee (Diana writes the blog Somebody Heal Me.) Interestingly enough, although he spends an inordinate amount of time writing about her, Coles can’t even spell Robert’s name right. Her last name is Robert, not Roberts.

Now, I’ve done some research on Robert. In fact, I’ve followed her work for some time now. A Migraineur herself, with children and grandchildren with Migraines, Robert has been working full-time since about 2000 to help other Migraineurs. She GETS IT. She knows what it’s like to have Migraines that are so severe and frequent that you have no life. Unlike Coles, who simply sits back and criticizes others, Robert attends medical conferences on a regular basis and works to stay current on the research in the field.

Coles has accused Robert of trying to scare people into taking medications. The truth is, in fact, the opposite of that. While the news media indulge in sensationalistic headlines about stroke risk, cardiovascular disease risk, and so on, Robert tells her readers that such things are ot reason for panic.

In an August article, “Gene Linked to Migraine and Increased Stroke Risk, Robert offers this near the end:

Summary and comments:
As with other studies that have shown a correlation between Migraine and stroke, this one gives reason for thought and caution, but not panic. If you have Migraine with aura, speak with your doctor about how you can reduce stroke risk factors. Work with your doctor toward the best Migraine treatment regimen for you. Develop nutrition and exercise lifestyle habits that will benefit your overall state of health. And, keep learning. The more we know about our health and issues such as Migraine disease, the more we can do to reduce our risks.

Maybe Coles would say that she shouldn’t have written about the study at all. That would fit his pattern. However, as a Migraineur, I was thankful for her article. I’d read the news stories and they WERE frightening. Many readers count on Robert to explain such research in terms that we can understand and to put them in perspective for us. And she delivers. Every time.

So, Mr. Coles, if you “recognize that my approach has created barriers rather than broadening perspectives,” why do you repeat the offending behavior? Oh, and before you decide to attack me, Mr. Coles, know that I really don’t care what you say or think about me. And, no, I probably will not publish any comments you attempt to post here. You’ve proven that you can’t be believed. When, and only when, I see a change in your attitude when you comment on other blogs, will I consider allowing you to comment here.


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When I wrote about Coles yesterday, I had intended to write a second part in defense of some other writers he has attacked with no reasonable foundation.

At this point, I’ve changed my mind. As I read a bit more of his writings and his attacks on others, I began to pity him too much to write more. The people he goes after are well respected, revered, and loved by their readers. In three lifetimes, Coles couldn’t understand why, nor could he gain a fraction of the respect paid to these other writers.

The point of this blog is to point out misconceptions, misunderstandings, lies, theories with no foundation, frauds, unproven theories, etc. Yesterday’s post should serve the purpose of letting you know that his theory is unproven and that he is so insecure in it that he feels the need to attack others rather than focusing on himself and his “work.”

“Nuff said.


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On his blog, No More Headaches, Glenn Stewart Coles boldly states:

Welcome to my blog, written by Glenn Stewart Coles. Here you can discover articles that discuss the elimination of migraines and repetitive headaches without the use of medications. For twenty-two years I suffered from migraines and cluster headaches. Now I don’t. I do not require any medications or special treatments. I have simply eliminated migraines from my life.

There are a few problems with Coles and his writings, mainly that his theory is totally unproven and makes no sense. The bigger problem, however, is his total contempt and lack of respect for anyone who writes about Migraines and dares subscribe to beliefs other than his or — heaven forbid! — actually dare to write about any “traditional” or even many complementary treatments. He also has a huge problem with anyone who dares to actually have any type of paying job that offers information or support for sufferers of Migraines or other headache disorders.

His victim yesterday was Megan Oltman of Free My Brain. The title for this poor excuse for a blog post (which he calls an article) was “Mind Games.” He calls Oltman the “self-proclaimed Ann Landers of Migraines.” Now, Oltman has never proclaimed any such thing. Maybe Coles thinks he’s witty, but his attempts at wit fall as flat as his “cure” for Migraines and headaches.

Coles also has a web site, modestly named after himself. On that site, he claims:

I have learned that while headaches have an obvious physical outcome, there are other aspects that contribute to repetitive headaches. If these other aspects are identified and changed, the outcome can change as well. Basically it is possible to learn how to not have headaches.

Oh, right. Give me a freakin’ break. If it were that easy, someone other than Coles would have discovered this long ago. Oh, wait. That’s right. Nobody was enlightened or smart enough to realize this until Coles came along. He’s the messiah of Migraine and headache sufferers. Well, that IS the attitude he projects, and believe me, he tries to project it — A LOT.

Coles is another of those people who can’t resist posting comments on the blogs of others. Comments that are arrogant, rude, and derisive. But he can’t let it go at that. He then just can’t resist running to blog about some of these people to criticize them. Does it make him feel like a big man? Maybe. Of course, maybe it will get him sued for libel someday.

To Megan Oltman — Keep up the good work! Being attacked by G.S. Coles puts you in good company!

Oh, and something else about Coles. He’s a time traveler. Yep! HE says so. In July, he wrote an article called “Time Travel.” In that article, he states:

I have learned how to travel through time without requiring a device. Once I get there I can influence the outcome. Traveling to the past and making changes alters my present day status. Much like the Butterfly Effect, small changes to your past can have great influence on your future.

Time travel can be achieved through focused intention. Instead of traveling physically to another time, I get there through meditation…

So, why is it I think I hear the them from The Twilight Zone?


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Read any Migraine blog that has ever mentioned caffeine, and you’re likely to come across comments from Barry Spencer. Spencer’s own web site is CaffeineAndMigraine.com — “Caffeine and Migraine is a book that explores the relationship between the most popular neuroactive drug and the most prevalent neurological malady.” Bloggers report that Spencer is a major PIA; that some of them have started moderating all comments to their blogs because of his persistence in repeatedly posting inane comments about his unproven and absurd theory.

If you try telling Spencer that you’ve rid yourself of caffeine, his reply is inevitably along the lines of this statement from his site, “Certainly many migraine patients report using no caffeine, yet there is no demonstrated example of migraine absent caffeine use.” What? Are you freakin’ kidding me? This person says no Migraine been demonstrated with out caffeine use? Yeah, right. And the earth is still flat.

To those who disagree with him, he’s likely to say, “My theory that caffeine causes all primary headache is currently the best available explanation for observations. The burden of falsifying my theory falls to headache researchers, who possess the training and access to funding and facilities needed.” Again, yeah, right. He thumbs his nose at all the legitimate research and tells legit researchers to DISprove his theory because he doesn’t have the training, funding, or facilities to prove it. Well, duh. If his theory were so valid, someone else would have proven it by now.

People who are passionate are great. People who are obsessive can be ok, too, but Spencer is beyond even that. I’ve seen discussions where he got aggressive and nasty. Mister, if you have a legit theory, it doesn’t take that to get it recognized.


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