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Roberta posted a comment on my post, Dr. Seymour Diamond Comments on Sultaneh’s Migraine “Cure,” asking why I won’t publish comments that Sultaneh submits to my blog. Since there may be others who have the same question, I’ll answer it here.

Dear Roberta,

If Sultaneh submitted comments that were constructive and polite, I’d publish them to my blog. His posts though are usually rants about how he was wronged, spam with links to promote his “cure,” or quite nasty comments about other people. His comments about other people go beyond nasty. Some of them are defamatory and potentially libelous.  Therefore, I refuse to publish his comments because that gives him another platform to continue his malicious and unproductive behavior. Earlier today, he posted a comment calling me a “liar.” Why would I publish such a comment. Why would any blogger? Not only that, he attempts to post comment after comment. He’s posted three so far today.

No, since Sultaneh seems to be incapable of being polite, his comments will not be posted on my blog.


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If you’ve read many Migraine blogs or participated in some of the online Migraine forums, you’re bound to have heard of Dr. Ali Sultaneh. Sultaneh is a Syrian surgeon who has been claiming to be able to permanently cure Migraines with a surgical technique he developed.

Sadly, Sultaneh is probably better known for his vitriolic rhetoric than any contribution to Migraine research and treatment. He has been repeatedly asked to leave forum not only for spamming, but also for his vicious and defamatory attacks on people who dare disagree with him. He’s also become well known for complaining that other doctors have “stolen” his surgical technique, a technique that he didn’t bother to patent.

Interestingly, while doing a Google search for Migraine surgery, I came across a 2002 article about Sultaneh and his procedure on WebMD. For the article, reporter Salynn Boyles talked with both Sultaneh and Dr. Seymour Diamond, Founder of the Diamond Headache Center in Chicago. Now retired, Dr. Diamond is well knows for his expert treatment of headache disorders including Migraine, research, and authoring many research papers and books in the field of headache disorders. In the article, Diamond is quoted as saying:

We have learned in recent years that migraines occur in the deep blood vessels that surround the brain and within the brain, not on the superficial scalp arteries that [Sultaneh] is talking about. This dubious surgical approach just doesn’t match what we know happens with these headaches.

Sultaneh has written me several times, mostly to defame health care professionals and lay experts in the field. I admit to having been more than a bit sarcastic about him. It’s hard not to when rather than doing something useful, he has been whining, griping, and lashing out at people who have done nothing to him.

Still, I seriously find myself feeling sorry for him. I think we all hope that, at the end of our lives, we’ll have accomplished something, left behind something that’s of significance. Unless Sultaneh stops making defamatory and libelous comments about others and gets back to the business of practicing medicine, his legacy is likely to be of no significance at all. It’s truly sad.


Source: Boyles, Salynn. “Experimental Surgery Being Used to Treat Migraines.” WebMD. March 19, 2002.

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