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When it comes to Migraine truth, nobody tells it better than patient advocate Teri Robert. On her blog at www.PuttingOurHeadsTogether.com, she’s started a new series that I absolutely love – Migraine Pearls or Onions?

She started this feature in late January, and it’s quickly become one I watch for. Here are her “Pearls” and “Onions” so far:

Go, Teri!

‘Nuff said.


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One of my readers, renaissanceguy, made a couple of comments yesterday. In one of them, he made an excellent point. He said,

This blog is amazing, and I applaud you for exposing lies and presenting truth. While I agree with you, I want to urge caution.

You don’t want to give people the impression that no relief is possible. I think that with your heavy emphasis on there not being a cure, at least not yet, you might make people think that they are doomed to find no relief at all.

He’s right. I don’t want to make people think we’re “doomed.” We’re not. In writing this blog, I often write about people claiming they have a “cure” for Migraines. Some of the reasons I write these “cure-busting” posts are:

  • Some of these people are making big bucks from selling us information that we can find other places online, FREE.
  • Some of them are making money from selling us products, “medical” services, or theories that have not been proven. Some of these even claim to be the “cure” for multiple diseases.
  • We all need to know the truth, that Migraine is a disease that can’t be cured yet. There ARE good treatments that can help us live better, easier lives, but we need to know the truth and be realistic.

Let me say this for the record. We are not doomed to live hopeless lives because of Migraines. There are excellent treatments that can both stop Migraines once they start and prevent Migraines. Migraine preventive medications can help make our Migraines less severe, shorter, and less often. The disease cannot be cured, but it can be managed.

Taking renaissanceguy’s comment to heart, I’m going to start doing a different type of post on a regular basis, one that highlights some of the truths I’ve come across recently. After all, we do need to see the positive too, don’t we?

Here are some truths I’ve seen recently:

There have been a couple of blog entries recently that were about the difficulty of living with Migraines, how they can drive people to the point of suicide, and how to deal with these feelings. This is a tough, but important, topic, so I want to give you links to those too:

In closing, I want to thank renaissanceguy again and all the bloggers out there who are sharing the truth.

Have a good weekend!


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“Yes, Migraines are curable.” Well, we know better, but that’s the first sentence of a blog that Nancy Bonk wrote about today on MyMigraineConnection.

Dr. D. is an ND, a naturopathic doctor. From looking at her site, it would seem that Dr. D. considers herself an expert on a number of topics ranging from “Digestion and Elimination” to “Aging and Antioxidants” to “Everything Else.” Okey dokey. I’ll not comment further on that.

Anyway, Dr. D. disagrees with the really great doctors who have devoted entire careers to treating and/or researching Migraine disease. She says Migraines are not genetic, that they are curable.

I’m not going to steal Nancy’s thunder here. So, please go read what Nancy wrote in Doubtful “Cure” for Migraines Forever.

Oh, and… Go, Nancy!


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Roberta posted a comment on my post, Dr. Seymour Diamond Comments on Sultaneh’s Migraine “Cure,” asking why I won’t publish comments that Sultaneh submits to my blog. Since there may be others who have the same question, I’ll answer it here.

Dear Roberta,

If Sultaneh submitted comments that were constructive and polite, I’d publish them to my blog. His posts though are usually rants about how he was wronged, spam with links to promote his “cure,” or quite nasty comments about other people. His comments about other people go beyond nasty. Some of them are defamatory and potentially libelous.  Therefore, I refuse to publish his comments because that gives him another platform to continue his malicious and unproductive behavior. Earlier today, he posted a comment calling me a “liar.” Why would I publish such a comment. Why would any blogger? Not only that, he attempts to post comment after comment. He’s posted three so far today.

No, since Sultaneh seems to be incapable of being polite, his comments will not be posted on my blog.


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If you’ve read many Migraine blogs or participated in some of the online Migraine forums, you’re bound to have heard of Dr. Ali Sultaneh. Sultaneh is a Syrian surgeon who has been claiming to be able to permanently cure Migraines with a surgical technique he developed.

Sadly, Sultaneh is probably better known for his vitriolic rhetoric than any contribution to Migraine research and treatment. He has been repeatedly asked to leave forum not only for spamming, but also for his vicious and defamatory attacks on people who dare disagree with him. He’s also become well known for complaining that other doctors have “stolen” his surgical technique, a technique that he didn’t bother to patent.

Interestingly, while doing a Google search for Migraine surgery, I came across a 2002 article about Sultaneh and his procedure on WebMD. For the article, reporter Salynn Boyles talked with both Sultaneh and Dr. Seymour Diamond, Founder of the Diamond Headache Center in Chicago. Now retired, Dr. Diamond is well knows for his expert treatment of headache disorders including Migraine, research, and authoring many research papers and books in the field of headache disorders. In the article, Diamond is quoted as saying:

We have learned in recent years that migraines occur in the deep blood vessels that surround the brain and within the brain, not on the superficial scalp arteries that [Sultaneh] is talking about. This dubious surgical approach just doesn’t match what we know happens with these headaches.

Sultaneh has written me several times, mostly to defame health care professionals and lay experts in the field. I admit to having been more than a bit sarcastic about him. It’s hard not to when rather than doing something useful, he has been whining, griping, and lashing out at people who have done nothing to him.

Still, I seriously find myself feeling sorry for him. I think we all hope that, at the end of our lives, we’ll have accomplished something, left behind something that’s of significance. Unless Sultaneh stops making defamatory and libelous comments about others and gets back to the business of practicing medicine, his legacy is likely to be of no significance at all. It’s truly sad.


Source: Boyles, Salynn. “Experimental Surgery Being Used to Treat Migraines.” WebMD. March 19, 2002.

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On his blog, Dr. Brad Shook is proclaiming “Migraines are Curable!” He based this blog entry on a new research paper by Migraine expert Dr. R. Allan Purdy.

Although the title of Dr. Purdy’s article is “Migraine us curable,” Dr. Purdy is not saying that the disease is curable at this time. In fact, he states:

“At present there is no evidence that migraine is a curable disorder or disease and any thoughts in that direction have proven futile to date. Given that migraine clinically and pathophysiologically is a complex neurovascular phenomenon, it is of interest to explore its potential curability.”

To his credit, when I pointed this out to Shook by commenting on his blog, he did respond. However, he still states,

“This means the cause of you migraines may be from the loss of regulation of nerves around blood vessels in your head, which are regulated by your brain and brain stem!  So if this proposed cause holds true, if you  fix your brain you  fix your migraine!  I have observed in practice, that this, “brain problem” is in fact the cause of many migraines.  There are other causes that have to be considered, and sometimes there is not an answer.”

He would also like readers of his blog to visit him to find their “cure.”

Truthfully, I don’t have a strong enough background in reading journal articles to really understand all of Dr. Purdy’s paper. I also don’t have the contacts in the Migraine medical community to ask for help. So, I have asked your friend and mine, Teri Robert, to take a look at Dr. Purdy’s paper, reach out to some of her contacts (if necessary), and comment on it. Teri’s mother (also a Migraineur) passed away last weekend, so her plate is quite full at the moment. She told me that she will, as soon as she can, take a look at Dr. Purdy’s paper and Dr. Shook’s blog and get back to me. I will definitely let you know what she says and post a link if she should decide to write about this issue herself.

In the meantime, I have to say that Dr. Shook’s blog title is misleading at best. Were he truly concerned about the health of his patients and potential patients, he wouldn’t be proclaiming that “Migraines are Curable!” when this disease is definitely NOT curable at this time.


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Greetings, dear readers!

Today, I get to report what I consider to be yet another “cure” scam without doing much work. Over on MyMigraineConnection.com, Teri Robert is reporting on “No More Migraine,” yet another cure e-book, from SufferingFromMigraine.com.

It seems that John Benak claims that taking a certain brand of a certain vitamin complex has cured his Migraines. It also seems that he’s so all-knowing that he says it’s safe for everyone, including children. It also seems that he feels that being down on his luck and out of a job entitles him to scam people. What a creep!

But, rather than go into more detail here, I’ll send you to the truth as written by Ms. Robert. Please take a look at her review of “No More Migraine.”


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